About CoFa

We are the digital product partner that drives the DKB in its transition from being a bank with an IT department to becoming a tech company with a banking license. At Code Factory we have the best of both worlds: We benefit from the financial and entrepreneurial expertise of an established company but work in a much more flexible and agile environment.

...but what does that mean exactly? What do we do at Code Factory?

We develop software for DKB AG, we scrutinize existing processes and double and triple check everything with our in-house research team. We optimize the design, go an extra round with the bank, which is sometimes one or two steps slower than we are, and if in doubt, we start all over again. We are also supported by the DAAS team: Data Analytics as a Service, because Data leads the right way.

...and how does this feel?

A place to stay.
We are a place for those with fresh ideas and playful minds. Ready to experiment, and: ready to challenge our corporate world. We give space for those eager to make mistakes, to grow, and to succeed. We are here to celebrate this success, hand in hand: Our work, our possibilities, our diversity, ourselves - with gratitude and humbleness. Inviting everybody in, we are here to truly be with each other, welcoming different background and perspectives. While caring and having each others backs, we are on the journey to forge next level banking with you. No matter where you come from, we are for those who are ready to arrive.
We are a place to stay.

One for all and all for one.

From Morning Daily to Afterwork Drink, team spirit is essential. The heart of our togetherness is that we truly are connected with each other: We not only share fun & laughter, but also honest opinions. Because that's how we grow. We exchange ideas and give support in our personal development. We know that we can achieve whatever we want if we act together. We are a true match. We meet and mingle with open hearts and open minds - no matter what.  Because for us it's: One for all and all for one.

a safe place.

You can come to us as you are. You are accepted. Even better: You belong. Our common ground is trust and reliability. You're part of a diverse team with different
stories who all share a vision. We have enough time and resources to give you the
freedom to do the work you love, stay in your natural workflow, and keep your life in balance. We create a safe place for you.

challenge yourself. and others.

We do not want to and must not sink into the daily grind. To this end, we continuously question our own actions, learn and develop further. We need to put
our finger right in the wound where it hurts the most. We sometimes must kick
ourselves in the butt for not simply accepting things as they are. But mostly
we have to stop others from falling asleep, or even shake them up real good.
We’re ambitious to change and embrace the opportunities that come our way,
almost seek them out. We love to experiment and never want to stand still. We challenge ourselves, and others.

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