Get shit done – Hackathon 2022

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During our four days Hackathon at DKB Code Factory, we enabled our employees to work on topics of interest which improve our daily workaround. During this focus time, the teams of up to 10 people (Frontend, Backend, UX/Ui Design, Product, Testing and Research) worked together on different projects from interactive room booking maps to an own digital expenses app and new ways of implementation and scripts.

Insights of project Expensum

Our aim was to built a great application to hand in expenses for team events, learning budget and other stuff like office material. Our existing expenses pdf was not working properly for most of the employees, so we wanted to create a better tool with intuitive and fast user experience and design, which people can use to hand in their expenses as fast and easy as possible.
On day one, we were focusing on ideation and concepts in Miro (user flow with pains and gains and technical requirements), we aligned on a digital set up and tools to work with and split our tasks.

After this set up and flow preparation, we were able to start directly with our tasks. In a daily and checkout meeting, we aligned on our outcomes and to solved upcoming questions.

We started with designing basic screens for a quick testable prototype in Figma. The dev team began with the first implementation.
On day two, we continued with a daily meeting and aligned on missing items of our user flow.
We started designing and coding the web application and the mobile view and did some semi-structured user tests to validate our ideas. We reworked our screens based on the outcomes of the user tests the day before.
Day three was all about designining and technical finetuning the outcomes and set up a presentation.
On day 4 we fine tuned the presentation and wrote more code and focused on our mvp relevant outcomes. The presentation went really great, we showed the actual state of the web application and the prototype of the mobile version which will be finalized the days after the presentation. Everyone was really happy about the outcome and is looking forward to hand in expenses within our brand new tool as soon as possible!

All 11 teams made incredible outcomes and presented their findings and solutions during a two hours presentation. We are really looking forward to implement the new ideas to our daily workaround.

written by Amelie Stavrakakis, Senior UX/UI Designer