our cooperation with kant gymnasium berlin

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Students about to graduate from high school are often overwhelmed regarding their career choices. For many, the world of work is a black box that is difficult to grasp. You often hear young people say "Something to do with the Internet" when asked what they would like to do in their future. That's why the „Abitur“ students of the Kant-Gymnasium in Berlin-Lichtenberg were given the opportunity to get to know a „internet company“ at close hand and gain authentic impressions.

On February 10, about 40 students visited us at FS200 to look behind the scenes of digital product development and to learn more about CoFa, our product and our individual work. The colleagues Thorsten Seidel, Christopher Mösch, Roman Uglovskij, Vera Scheunert, Anja Lorke, Samuel Stein and I guided the students through the office and gave insights into our daily work. The students had the opportunity to learn more about the individual disciplines, but above all to better understand how many different roles it takes to develop a product from a rough idea to a usable feature for the customer.

The personal backgrounds of the colleagues were of particular interest to the students, as they were able to understand in a tangible way where each individual comes from and what skills and interests are required for each function. The students were also particularly enthusiastic about the rich and helpful offers and equipment in the office and the general working conditions. The possibility of independently organizing our daily work and our collaboration with others was very well received by the students, too.

This special meeting was not the first time. Already before students of the Kant-Gymnasium met with people from CodeFactory. Whether in the office for insights like a design thinking crashcourse, remotely or on-site at the school. It was definitely a success, as the feedback from the students and teachers was consistently positive. They were especially taken with the diversity and passionate nature of the colleagues. We hope that this passion and enthusiasm will have a decisive influence on the students with regard to their future career choice. Perhaps we will be able to welcome one or the other student to our company in the future. In any case, I would be very pleased!

written by Emre Sönmez, Agile Coach