There are several ways how to get involved in Code Factory. All projects, groups, name it how you want, are planted in our idea garden. Your idea can grow and have a long-lasting impact throughout CoFa and the DKB universe. We want you to become an outstanding Idea Gardener and will offer you needed tools and support. Because if your idea grows, we as company can grow as well.

🧙🏾‍♂️ Guilds

Within the guilds we foster collaboration outside of squads, teams, tribes or projects. The goal is to share knowledge on tools, codes and practices. To be part of a guild, you don’t need to be a pro. Interest is enough to get started, a vision or just being curious, how a certain topic can improve your or your colleagues work life. Guilds are always work related.

Accessibility | Agile | Kotlin | Pipeline Automation | and many more

🙌 Initiatives

We are collaborating between projects, teams, and even companies to build some cool initiatives. We cooperate with the Kant Gymnasium to give students insights of our work in a software company. We host bi-weekly Tech Talks in which everyone is free to contribute their topic, and we have a special task force to organize the best Hackathons of all time. Now and then, we have some workshops to transfer knowledge like the interview workshop designed by our recruiters.

Junior Support Committee | Tech Talks | Social Committee | Kant Gymnasium Coop.| Workshops |  and more

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