const who_we_are = {

title: We prefer stability to bugs.

body: At DKB Code Factory we are on an amazing journey to influence the next level banking. As a corporate Innovation-Hub we benefit from the financial backing of DKB, one of the biggest banks in Germany - but we like to do things a little different around here.

For many years DKB has been one of the most successful direct banks in the German speaking regions. To make sure it stays like this, our teams are currently re-inventing the entire product portfolio: from our front door to web-banking, from mobile banking to brokerage and from internal banking tools to third party solutions. Did you know that we also developed the Miles&More and the Porsche Credit Card App? Well, now you know.

Our teams enjoy a high degree of autonomy when it comes to technologies and tools. We are definitely trying to stay up to date with the latest development trends. But we are not a hyper growth, VC backed and fast scaling StartUp. We don’t want to be, because we also like to enjoy our free time. We care about our code, proper documentation and quality over quantity. And about our people, of course!

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const what_we_do = {

title: We are forging the future of finance – today.

body: We develop and realize sustainable financial solutions for DKB customers from the private and public sectors. Adopting a user-oriented approach, we design MVPs and prototypes. This gives us the opportunity to create real innovation. If our solution works, we are happy. If not, we start over – and make it better.

From hospitals and kindergardens to schools and wind parks, DKB invests in sustainable communal projects. By building the required infrastructures from scratch we can really make an impact.


const our_mission = {

title: We don't just want to be on time. We want to be ahead of it.

body: Code Factory is always looking for ideas. Ideas on how finance will work in the future. Ideas that make a real difference in people's lives.

For this reason we like to experiment with new technologies and collaboration methods. Although experiments are central to our philosophy, the finished product is always paramount. If our ideas don't work, we are not afraid to discard them.

Our goal is to improve banking with digital solutions and boost funding for sustainability-related projects.

Our work is also integral to a bigger project: transforming DKB from a financial institute into an agile IT company with a banking license.


const values = {

title: Forging next level banking. With you.

body: [
  • 'Human needs at the top of the backlog.',
  • 'Customer be our king!'
  • 'Learn. Grow. Repeat.',
  • 'Build on failure & celebrate success.',
  • 'We take responsibility – always!'

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const benefits = {

title: We care for our employees – on the job and beyond.

body: [
  • 'Continuously educate yourself: make use of your learning budget or arrange a session with one of our coaches'
  • 'You’re in for a treat! Use your very own SpenditCard or benefit from DKB’s employee discounts.'
  • 'Improve your language skills: our teachers offer German classes in various levels'
  • 'Ordering Pizza is so yesterday: our social committee strives for extraordinary team events.'
  • 'We got you covered: free flow coffee, beer, soft drinks and fruit.'
  • 'Meet-ups, hackathons, brown bag sessions, networking events - you name it, we're hosting it.'
  • 'Need to relocate from abroad? Our relocation budget will help you to get things started.'
  • 'Waiting for a delivery? Want to work from home? Go ahead, just let your team know that you’ll be working remotely.'
  • 'Office located in the heart of Berlin, Check Point Charlie is right around the corner.'
  • 'Time to relax: 30 days of vacation per year for full time positions.'
  • 'The opportunity to do good through volunteering events.'


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