R.I.P. Monday Breakfast

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Even before Covid happened, it was an easy and usual thing at CoFa to work in Home Office. We like to keep things simple and as pleasant as possible for our employees. If working from home - may it be on your couch with an ironing board table or a super proffessional set up working area - is what suits you the best, you should do it. We all got used to it when the pandemic hit the most and let's be honest, we also like the comfy part of it: no need to get out into the Berlin winter weather, no need for long commuting hours, no need for being stuck in public transport.

Still, we love meeting our colleagues, in real life and without two screens between us. And, we have a beautiful office with lots of space where this can happen - and it does, especially from Tuesday till Thursday. Our office is a hotspot then, with a lot of life happening. You hear people laugh, you see them engage during some kicker matches. It's wonderful to see the teams around.

On Mondays though, the office is.... well, it's a Monday. We really don't need to explain this. Our brillant Office Manager Maria and me, we wanted to make the Mondays more likeable. Imagine how beautiful your week would be, if you can have all the Wednesday fun already at the start of the week!? Doesn't it sound lovely?

To us, it does! So we decided to have a little Monday Morning treat, to get our colleagues back to the office. Fresh Bread and pastry, fruits, vegetables, yoguhrt, marmelade - whatever your heart needs. And of course some Ginger shots (this is a little CoFa insider... if you know, you know!). Maria and I, we were the most motivated people to join the early Monday Mornings like this. Having a little kitchen chat with the people around, starting the week nice and smooth.

But, life can be hard, especially on Monday mornings. We had a trial period of 6 breakfasts for this, to see if our colleague have the same motivation to join us.

They don't. 🤪

For 6 weeks, we made those people happy who already come to the office. They were very happy about the breakfast, yes. But they were also very happy already without it. This means: No more Monday breakfast.
BUT: let's see what we come up with next. Maybe its a Morning Meditation. A dance break. An office goat.