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FS200 Quarterly Onboarding Event

After several years of remote onboarding we decided to have an onsite onboarding again. It was a completely new setup and it was amazing. We met at FS200, our DKB Code Factory office, to have a great day of onboarding sessions with great speakers, amazing lunch, real elevator pitches, design thinking workshops and an extraordinary cocktail event in the evening. onboarding session and speakers In DKB Code Factory we are always trying out new things. This time we invited our new employees and s

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  • work-life-balance at CoFa

    As you know life is very easy at COFA. We offer fully remote work, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. That allowed me to travel and work from different countries, which I enjoy. You may be wondering about different time zones. Let me explain: at COFA, we don't have strict working hours. As long as you complete your tasks, you're free to work on your own schedule. We do have core working hours from 10am to 4pm, during which we typically schedule all our meetings. This flexibility ma

  • Leadership without hierarchies – a short summary and case-study

    In the ever-evolving landscape of the IT industry, we at Code Factory wanted to explore alternative models of leadership, that encourage creativity, agility, and collaboration. By embracing the paradigm-shifting approach of leadership without hierarchies, we wanted to foster open communication and empower team members at all levels to contribute their expertise. Our goal was to create a more agile and responsive work environment that better adapts to the dynamic challenges and opportunities ever

  • R.I.P. Monday Breakfast

    Even before Covid happened, it was an easy and usual thing at CoFa to work in Home Office. We like to keep things simple and as pleasant as possible for our employees. If working from home - may it be on your couch with an ironing board table or a super proffessional set up working area - is what suits you the best, you should do it. We all got used to it when the pandemic hit the most and let's be honest, we also like the comfy part of it: no need to get out into the Berlin winter weather, no n

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  • About CoFa

    We are the digital product partner that drives the DKB in its transition from being a bank with an IT department to becoming a tech company with a banking license. At Code Factory we have the best of both worlds: We benefit from the financial and entrepreneurial expertise of an established company but work in a much more flexible and agile environment. ...but what does that mean exactly? What do we do at Code Factory? We develop software for DKB AG, we scrutinize existing processes and double

  • Specials

    There are several ways how to get involved in Code Factory. All projects, groups, name it how you want, are planted in our idea garden. Your idea can grow and have a long-lasting impact throughout CoFa and the DKB universe. We want you to become an outstanding Idea Gardener and will offer you needed tools and support. Because if your idea grows, we as company can grow as well. 🧙🏾‍♂️ Guilds Within the guilds we foster collaboration outside of squads, teams, tribes or projects. The goal is to

  • Working in FS200

    Working in FS200 (short for our address and how we mainly call the office here) means working with up to 250 people from three companies. You run into colleagues you've never met and hear about projects you might not even know exist. You discover new corners of the office every day, at least if you feel like taking advantage of what we have to offer. One or two people have even gotten lost here. Our office is a project house, open to everyone who is more or less often involved with us. We hos

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