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Get shit done – Hackathon 2022

During our four days Hackathon at DKB Code Factory, we enabled our employees to work on topics of interest which improve our daily workaround. During this focus time, the teams of up to 10 people (Frontend, Backend, UX/Ui Design, Product, Testing and Research) worked together on different projects from interactive room booking maps to an own digital expenses app and new ways of implementation and scripts. Insights of project Expensum Our aim was to built a great application to hand in expense

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  • so, do you really like feedback?

    Feedback! comes in all types and colors, a very trendy word nowadays in the workplace. In the end, who does not like feedback, right? I have heard gazillion times people saying: “I love feedback” “feedback is my breakfast” or “feedback is always good” and preaching about how feedback is beneficial and how open they are to receive it. The reality is that knowing about feedback and all its benefits does not make you good at delivering it and most importantly does not mean you know how to handle r

  • our cooperation with kant gymnasium berlin

    Students about to graduate from high school are often overwhelmed regarding their career choices. For many, the world of work is a black box that is difficult to grasp. You often hear young people say "Something to do with the Internet" when asked what they would like to do in their future. That's why the „Abitur“ students of the Kant-Gymnasium in Berlin-Lichtenberg were given the opportunity to get to know a „internet company“ at close hand and gain authentic impressions. On February 10, about

  • Monster of the week

    CoFa does Pen&Paper RPGs! You might have heard of pen and paper or table-top role-playing games – Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu are just some of the many different rule systems out there. If those still don’t ring a bell – imagine improvisational theatre, where everyone role-plays a certain character in a make-believe world and creates a story together as a group. The rule-systems mentioned before are just rough guidelines to the setting and what dice to roll to

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  • About CoFa

    We are the digital product partner that drives the DKB in its transition from being a bank with an IT department to becoming a tech company with a banking license. At Code Factory we have the best of both worlds: We benefit from the financial and entrepreneurial expertise of an established company but work in a much more flexible and agile environment. ...but what does that mean exactly? What do we do at Code Factory? We develop software for DKB AG, we scrutinize existing processes and double

  • Specials

    There are several ways how to get involved in Code Factory. All projects, groups, name it how you want, are planted in our idea garden. Your idea can grow and have a long-lasting impact throughout CoFa and the DKB universe. We want you to become an outstanding Idea Gardener and will offer you needed tools and support. Because if your idea grows, we as company can grow as well. 🧙🏾‍♂️ Guilds Within the guilds we foster collaboration outside of squads, teams, tribes or projects. The goal is to

  • Working in FS200

    Working in FS200 (short for our address and how we mainly call the office here) means working with up to 250 people from three companies. You run into colleagues you've never met and hear about projects you might not even know exist. You discover new corners of the office every day, at least if you feel like taking advantage of what we have to offer. One or two people have even gotten lost here. Our office is a project house, open to everyone who is more or less often involved with us. We hos

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