Working in FS200

Working in FS200 (short for our address and how we mainly call the office here) means working with up to 250 people from three companies. You run into colleagues you've never met and hear about projects you might not even know exist. You discover new corners of the office every day, at least if you feel like taking advantage of what we have to offer. One or two people have even gotten lost here.

Our office is a project house, open to everyone who is more or less often involved with us. We host our three main projects here, but are also an often-used space for meetings and events. We use this office mainly for collaborating, because we love the open space and varity of meeting rooms. From Design Sprints to Team Days, from hybrid appointments to Office Lunch, there are plenty of possibilities.

We value a lot that we can actually be part of how the office changes and develops: unused space will be re-designed together and rooms will be changed how its needed. Like our latest project, the YOLO room: once, it was the room for our kicker. But after we moved this, the room was cold and empty. Now, we have our little wellness oasis with a swinging chair, a couch, our library and lots of plants. the perfect room for inspiration and quiet, concentrated working.

Talking about inspiring, it is a pleasure to see how people meet and mingle, may it be during the day with a coffee to exchange the latest updates, or with an afterwork drink to stay in touch and be connected.  There is so much to learn from and about each other!  

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